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Prestabrain would like to introduce the best Page Builder for Pretashop that allows you to build pages/site in minutes. It’s a platform, not a regular Prestashop module. With tons of content types supported by default, you can create any content page easily. In addition, the platform comes with powerful and friendly control panel with drag and drop feature and 2 builders: Page Builder and Footer builder. It’ll absolutely change the ways to web development and create content.

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Hi, I am John from Prestabrain and today we will introduce you to the best Page Builder for Prestashop that will allow you to build professional pages just in minutes.

How can the Prestashop Page Builder help you ? Generally, a page is built up with blocks, each block includes columns – and the columns are assigned the content to load from pre-made content types.

Let’s get started.

From your Prestashop back-end, go to: Modules. There are 2 builders here: Page Builder and Footer builder. We start with Page Builder first.

Click the button to add new block, now add columns inside the block. Drag to resize the columns. Let’s add a widget to the column. Here are all the widget types and divided into groups, or you can use the search bar to search for a widget quickly. Now select the widget. Great, now configure the widget, add name, disable title display, add widget title and other settings, once done, hit the save button right here.

Let’s add another widget to the next column. This time we’ll use Single Image widget. Configure the widget by adding name, and title. Scroll down and select an image to display in the widget. You can configure other options as you like…and when you’re done…hit the save button. And we do the same thing to create other blocks, columns and content inside columns. And when we’re through, we’ll have a nice page like this.

You can use a drag and drop feature to move blocks around to any position in the page, And the same goes for widgets. Next, configure page to display on responsive layouts. Simply select the layout and configure the blocks, columns, and widgets the way you want. Then add a profile name and then save the page. Your page now appears in the Profile list. You can duplicate any page you want or export it for back-up. Later you can use the Profile tools to bring the exported profiles back into the site…and there you go the imported profile is right here.

Now, let’s move to Footer builder. It works almost the same as the Page Builder. The difference being is that the Footer is displayed across the whole site.

So here we go, create a new block, then add columns, assign widget for each column, let’s select a Custom HTML widget. We’ll give the widget a name, title and then add the content for the widget. Now save the widget. Do the same again in the footer like this. And now save the footer.

Now let set our pages to show on the front-page. Go to Modules > Modules, and search for the PTS Theme Control Panel module, open its configuration page, scroll down and find the Page Profile and Footer Profiles For the Skin, we select the profiles that we’ve created then save the settings.

Here is what we have on front-page, it’s amazing. It looks incredible in responsive displays as well.

That’s it for today, check out more detail at

Thanks for watching.

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