Best 50+ Prestashop Themes 1.6 & 1.7 | Free & Premium Themes 2017

best free prestashop themes

There is an undeniable thing that in mobile era and cutting-edge are an essential criterian to affect customers choices. Hence, choose a suitable Prestashop Theme is not an easy tasks.

Now, follow us to discover our nice collection of 50+ Best Free & Premium Prestashop Themes for your Online Store. We will help you:

  • We offer this collection of best Prestashop Themes comes with Multiple Designs, Attractive Demos which are very suitable with any Online Store such as Fashion Online Store, Furniture Store, Beauty Salon, etc
  • Super responsive and nice experience on any devices
  • Ease to download and install, simple usages, unlimited customization
  • Update to latest version in version 1.6 & 1.7. It allow you customize any part of your Website: Header, Content, Footer, Design, etc.
  • Integrated a series of Power Modules such as Page Builder, Mega Menu, Blog, etc, they are the best tools for Prestashop Editor, and Website Creator

Now, let’s spend your time on discovering Our Nice Collection of Best Prestashop Themes 2017. We make sure that you will choose suitable design from these Designs for your ownstore.

1. Pts Bluesport – Sport Fashion Prestashop Theme

Responsive Prestashop Theme For Sport Clothes, Sport Equipment…


Live Demo Prestashop theme

2. Pts Arden – Best Prestashop Drink Theme

Are you fan of Food and Beverage with eye-catching Food and Beer or Wine Image? Don’t waste your time any more for searching. Pts Arden is your smart choice. I sure that you will be surprised and satisfied of amazing useful Fuctionalities.

best prestashop theme food store

Live Demo Prestashop theme

3. Pts Strollik – Prestashop Single Product Theme

Pts Strollik is compatible with both Prestashop 1.6 & 1.7. It is best-selling Prestashop Single Product Theme. By installing this theme, you can update content, Product Image, Layout for your store in minutes.

strollik - prestashop single product theme 1.6 & 1.7

Live Demo Prestashop theme

4. Pts Diana

Diana – one of our best Free Prestashop Themes 2017. By this theme, you can install for Fashion Store, and any Online Store.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

5. Pts Imart – Responsive Prestashop Themes

Pts Imart – superb Responsive Prestashop Theme For Watches Store, Laptop Store,…


Live Demo Prestashop theme

6. Pts Foliage – Prestashop Theme 1.6 & 1.7 for Furniture

Same to our Theme in this Blog, Foliage is also a mobile prestashop theme. Customers will experience wonderful shopping on mobile. From menu, images, column, description will be scaled as well on that. Customers can search and view you store anywhere just via mobile.

foliage prestashop furniture theme

Live Demo Prestashop theme

7. Pts Boost – Prestashop Parallax Theme for single product

As you know, animation absolutely affects on your site attraction. Nice design, exciting animation, good content will make your site more excellent. As a result, we sure that our pts Boost Prestashop Parallax Theme will satify your desire. Your store can be focus on display for single product with nice animation. So amazing!


Live Demo Prestashop theme

8. Pts Gemme – Prestashop Jewelry Theme

Online Store becomes more popular. So Jewelry Store is counted. This best Prestashop Theme 1.7 for Jewelry Store allows you build Amazing Store with available Luxury Gemme Images, Neck lace, etc.

gemme best prestashop jewelry theme

Live Demo Prestashop theme

9. Pts Natural – Best Prestashop Food Theme

Built and displayed in Block Builder, pts Natural is a best tool to create a stunning Website with Eye-catching Food images. If you are looking for a best Prestashop Theme for your Food Store, don’t miss this chance. Pts Natural is for you.

prestashop food theme

Live Demo Prestashop theme

10. Pts Swimwear – Best Prestashop Bikini Store Theme

Oh yeah, Fashion Bikini or Swimwear always exist with Elegant Fashion. With only pts Swimwear- a best Prestashop Theme for Swimwear Store, you totally can create your store with ease.

swimwear- prestashop swimwear theme

Live Demo Prestashop theme

11. Pts Blackstore – Fashion Store Prestashop Theme

This best Prestashop 1.7 theme is very displayed well for Fashion, Handbags Website with professional Design and Advanced features.

blackstore back & white fashion prestashop theme

Live Demo Prestashop theme

12. Pts Allegro

One of the best Electronic Prestashop Theme we can not miss is that Pts Allegro Theme. Thanks to building on Boostrap and Prestashop Framework, it is super responsive on any devices and being the best Prestashop Bootstrap Theme.

allegro prestashop electronic theme

Live Demo Prestashop theme

13. Pts Drop – Prestashop Beauty Theme

Pts Drop is a best Prestashop Theme 1.7 on Themeforest. This beauty Theme helps you build a perfect store in beauty Salon, Comestic, so on.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

14. Pts Flower – Best Flower Prestashop Theme

With available 03 designs in Flower Store, fresh color, pts Flower will be smart choice for your Flower Online Store or Plant store.

best prestashop flower theme

Live Demo Prestashop theme

15. Pts Montreal – best Prestashop Fashion Store

Pts Montreal – is super Responsive Prestashop Fashion Theme. It’s displayed well on any Devices such as Mobile, Laptop, Desktop, Macbook, etc.

montreal-best prestashop fashion store theme

Live Demo Prestashop theme

16. Pts Bestfriend – Prestashop Pet Theme

Many years ago, Dog & Cat & Hamster, etc already loyalty friends for people. If you love Pet, you want to inspire your passion to others, you can display all lovely Pet Images or Food, Healcare for Pet which other know and will purchase Pet to feed up. Let’s discover pts Bestfriend now.

bestfriend prestashop pet theme

Live Demo Prestashop theme

17. Pts Flipcart – Prestashop Supermarket Theme

Allow to displayed a lot of your product on store. They are Clothes, Electronic, Food and Beverage, Houseware, etc.

flipcart prestashop supermarket theme

Live Demo Prestashop theme

18. Pts Vipshop – Prestashop Digital Theme

One of the best Prestashop for Digital Store, Electronic Theme, etc. Even for any Online Store, you can change Image, Content to customize for your store.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

19. Pts Outdoor – Prestashop Travel Theme

A clean theme with modern layouts and rich functionalities to create a store selling all types of goods. It can be exterior, interior furniture, sport, music, gifts, campping, etc


Live Demo Prestashop theme

20. Pts Rubick – Prestashop Mulit-purpose Theme

Are you looking for a Prestashop Theme with multiple Homepages? Please take your time on exploring pts Rubick – best Prestashop Multiple Purpose Theme. With 04 premade Demos in Mega Shop, Decor Shop, Furniture Shop, Digital Shop. Even, this Prestashop Theme Customization allows to modify endless your creativities in order to make different for your store.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

21. Pts Amishop – Prestashop Theme Builder with Page Builder

Thanks to integrating of Prestashop Page Builder, pts Amishop is a best Prestashop Theme Builder. Only 1 Amishop with $70, you can build your store with ease. You not only can build content, images, layout with ease. That’s convenient, itn’t it?


Live Demo Prestashop theme

22. Pts Moon – Prestashop Glasses Theme 1.7

Pts Moon is the best Prestashop Glasses Theme 1.7. By installing this theme, you can display mulitple your glasses with Full-width Slider and Ease to create Block Builder for your store content.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

23. Pts Owenstore – Fashion Online Prestashop Theme

Also being a Prestashop 1.7 for Fashion Store, Pts Owen – name same Owen Fashion for Men. With bright background color and flexible layouts, powered Modules will help you build rich content for your Fashion Store.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

24. Pts Adela

Pts Adela – Truly clean and creative all-in-one Prestashop theme comes with amazing 10 unique demos with different layouts and design concept.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

25. Pts Golmart

Built with the best Prestashop Drag and Drop Page Builder with 50 widgets integration, typos and short code to build content for your store. It ‘s super flexible responsive Prestashop theme for Fashion, Digital, Sport store.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

26. Pts Braveshop

Fully Responsive Optimization to make your store look good and well performed in all devices. The super customizable slideshow with 100+ animation and amazing design will make your site eye-catching.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

27. Pts Janustore

Pts Janus – Multiple Website Prestashop Theme with modern styles in Fashion, Furniture, Cosmetics or even a Hitech store, the demo says it all.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

28. Pts Cropshop

Popular in neat and dynamic Design in Sport and Fashion. This Cropshop Theme will be a smart choice to build a perfect Website in Fashion Sport Theme.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

29. Pts Happy Time – Prestashop Wedding Theme

Are you looking for a studio for Wedding Dress, Wedding Photo, Wedding Service? Come with us. Pts Happy Time helps you build your Studio more interesting. You can show your Wedding dress type, Wedding Service, … with ease.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

30. Pts Lift Supply – Prestashop 1.6 for Sport Fashion

Pts Lift Supply – a best Prestashop Theme for Sport Fashion Store. Your store only focus to sell your exclusive product. Shop for 1 product. You can show all entire aspects of your product to persuade customers purchase your product. So the sale also be boosted significantly.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

31. Pts Teencode – Teen Fashion Prestashop Theme

Pts Teencode – a Boostrap Prestashop Theme for Fashion store, Bags store, Shoes store.. This prestashop Theme allows you to build a perfect Online Store for Teenager, etc


Live Demo Prestashop theme

32. Pts Nomi – Marketplace Prestashop Theme 1.6

Pts Nomi will help you build a marketplace store with this marketplace prestashop theme 1.6. Customers can find their products with multiple product such as beauty salon, technical machine, eletronics, clothes, etc


Live Demo Prestashop theme

33. Pts CareStore

Pts Care is a perfect Prestashop theme for Beauty, Cosmetics, Hair salon, etc. The theme comes with super flexible layout system that is powered with the best Drag and Drop Page Builder to build layouts in some simple clicks.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

34. Pts Newfashionstore

Pts Newfashion Store is built with the best Prestashop Drag and Drop Page Builder to help you build layouts in some simple clicks.  With available approximated r 50 widget types, typos and short code to build any content for your site without help from 3rd extension.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

35. Pts Mixstore


Live Demo Prestashop theme

36. Pts Stationery


Live Demo Prestashop theme

37. Pts MaxxShop

This great Prestashop 1.6 Template is extremely suitable for Handmade Store, Fashion products Shop, Hightech Store, Gift Shop, Electronics shop and all kinds of marketplace business that needs a feature rich and beautiful presence online.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

38. Pts Homestore – Houseware Prestashop Theme

Homestore – powerful responsive Prestashop Theme for Houseware Store, Decorated Furniture, Home Decor with multiple Layout design to build any advanced features for any E-Commerce Store


Live Demo Prestashop theme

39. Pts Flashshop – Electronics Store Prestashop Theme


Live Demo Prestashop theme

40. Pts Sefaso

Pts Sefaso is easy to customize with intuitive theme control panel that includes all necessary built-in options and tools: megamenu builder, layout management, theme setting, compression, etc


Live Demo Prestashop theme

41. Pts Fastbuy

05+ Premade Homepage will be your smart choices with multiple store. Your store will be displayed for Marketplace, Pet Food, Cleanin, Chocolates, etc.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

42. Pts Kitchen

Pts Kitchen is advanced responsive Kitchen Supplies Store PrestaShop Theme comes with creative design (5 unique demos, lots of built-in widgets) and advanced features.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

43. Pts Fshow

Being built with latest web technologies: Bootstrap 3, SASS, Font Awesome, HTML5, CSS3. Pts Fshow is easy to customize, it has own intuitive theme control panel with all necessary built-in options and tools: megamenu builder, live theme editor, layout management, theme setting, compression, etc for Shoes store, Watch Store, Glasses, Bags Store.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

44. Pts Taima

Multi purposes responsive Prestashop theme for Digital, Electronics, etc, Pts Taima comes with creative, modern and professional design. The theme is fully responsive based on Bootstrap 3.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

45. Pts Megashop

Best multi-purpose responsive Prestashop theme for Fashion, Digital, Food, Restaurant.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

46. Pts GentShop

A Prestashop responsive theme support multi – store. If you are a merchant who is in business for lots of areas, Pts Gentshop is the right choice because you can manage unlimited number of sub shops from the same back – office.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

47. Pts NextStore

Pts NextStore is a Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Template suitable for Hightech products Shop, Computer Store, Gift Shop, Electronics shop, Fashion and all kinds of marketplace business that needs a feature rich and beautiful presence online.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

48. New Shopping


Live Demo Prestashop theme

49. Pts Undu (Coming soon)

05+ Stunning Premade Homepage layout styles, which you can customize endlessly for furniture shop theme, interior stores.


Live Demo Prestashop theme

50. Pts Arthome – Best Prestashop Furniture Theme

Furniture is hard to display. In order to showing off all your sofa, decorarted Lighten, etc in neat layouts, Arthome help you display your store more interesting.

arthome-furniture prestashop theme

Live Demo Prestashop theme

We hope that our collections with 50+ Best Free & Premium Prestashop Themes will help you well. If you are looking for a package Prestashop Theme with reasonable price, please take part in Prestashop Theme Club with only $86 to get all 50+ High-quality Themes

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